Driving Policy 

Please read the drop off and pick-up policy. All parents and drivers must strickly adhere to this policy.

 Here are the procedures that all drivers must follow:

  1. Please always park in my driveway.  

  2. Pull all the way up to the garage, or the car in front of you. Please create two rows in the driveway.

  3. Please be patient while cars are leaving.

  4. Maintain a safe speed of 15mph.

  5. Never park or stop your vehicle in front of any neighbor’s driveway.

  6. On the first day I will escort your child to class.  On the following days  there will be a sign on my front door directing students to the correct entrance depending on the weather.

  7. I will stand outside while students are being picked-up.

  8. In case of an emergency, please call both my cell phone (703) 862-1877 and home phone (703) 471-7785.

  9. Please obey my neighbors no trespassing sign

  10. Please wait in your car for pick-up at the end of the class, your child will be escorted from the studio to your car. 

  11. We follow Fairfax County Public School weather closures.

I need to emphasize how important it is to follow the rules for the future success of my business and the safety of your child.  I sincerely value great neighbors that help create an enjoyable community and also appreciate wonderful parents that help support and nurture my business.            

FMS Driving Policy

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