Summer 2020 Camps

All of my camps engage my students to grow through a variety of art skills, techniques and art vocabulary. They accomplish this with an exposure to these mediums: drawing, graphite pencils, colored pencils, black pens, pastels, acrylic paints and water color. We also will explore 3D sculptures using clay, wire, and paper mache. My projects are engaging, fun, educational and focus on students, imagination and creativity.

Summer 2020 Flyer

Camp 1: Splish Splash Summer Bash  


July 6-10

Ages 6-10

Splish splash summer is back!  It’s filled with vacations, friends, water and art. Grab your sunglasses and art supplies to explore the warm summer through mixed media, drawing, painting and sculpture. The sweet summertime will be our inspiration for the creative process where we splash color around. We will create adventurous projects, from magical water parks to catching crazy fireflies and indulge in cool treats. Grab your sketchbook and a paintbrush and create your colorful summer!

Camp 2:  Arts Galore!  


July 13-17

Ages 7-11

Enter into a world of wacky art!  We will venture into the big and playful images of popular art. We will use the power of art to ignite your creative spark. It is 2020, what will the  art of the future look like? Use your favorite artist for your imaginative inspiration and make your artwork stand out!  Empower your artistic voice while creating glorious art from the present to the future.

Camp 3: Paintbrush, Pencils and Pastels


July 20-24

Ages: 9-13

Draw a line and paint your way into a magical studio that is full of wonder. Let vibrant colored pastels glide your hand across paper and explore the variety of pencils and colors.  

At First Marks Art Studio we will capture your creative instincts through an array of projects. Bring art to life as we nurture your imagination, while reinforcing your artistic skills. What if you could spin off to a world full of art…what would you find? Using unusual materials and new techniques to inspire your own creative process you will  become the master of your own art with a spectacular twist. 

*No Camp Hours go beyond 4:00pm*

Morning Hours-

8:30am-9:00am (30 minutes) for $35.00 (M-F)


8:30am-9:30am (60 minutes) for $70.00 (M-F)


Afternoon Hours-

3:30pm-4:00pm (30 minutes) for $35.00 (M-F)


Please confirm if interested! 


Camp cost is $340.00 for a week of camp.
$30 discount available 

Pay in full by February 29 too receive this discount. Each day of camp is 6.5 hours. Camp arrival/departure times must be staggered. You have the flexibility to choose from two camp times with the same cost:






Five slots are allotted for each camp time, this is on a first come, first served basis.

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