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Summer 2019 Camps

All of my camps engage my students to grow through a variety of art skills, techniques and art vocabulary. They accomplish this with an exposure to these mediums: drawing, graphite pencils, colored pencils, black pens, pastels, acrylic paints and water color. We also will explore 3D sculptures using clay, wire, and paper mache. My projects are engaging, fun, educational and focus on students, imagination and creativity.

Summer Flyer 2019

Camp 1: Into the City 


July 8-12

Ages 6-10

Let’s go exploring cities big and small, from their unique skylines to the fascinating people from around the world. We will view the city through the lens of architecture, art and fashion.  With this rich backdrop for artistic freedom and inspiration we will create beautiful images using a variety of media. We will encourage the artists to use their imagination and realism to form their vision of cities. What would your special city look like?  Does your city have a super hero to protect it?  Does it have a fashion runway?  Hold your sketchbook close, pack a bag, we're off to the city. Where will the runway take you?

Camp 2: It's POP-in


July 15-19

Ages 8-12


POP, POP, POW into a world of art!  We will venture into the playful world of POP art, popular music and even popular clothing.  How does popular culture influence the creation of art around us? Andy Warhol with his repetitious artwork and Roy Lichtenstein with his use of dots that look like comics will inspire us to create unique projects. We will use a play on words that contain "pop" and look into the effects of other artists that have influenced art.  Find your favorite musical pop artist, dance along and make your artwork POP out! 

Camp 3: Art-extravaganza I


July 22-26

Ages: 9-13

Making art is a grand and spectacular experience!  What if you could come into an art studio and the sky’s the limit and you are off to create art! We will curate an inspiring and elaborate world for each artist through a variety of styles, art skills and new techniques. Using your own curiosity, imagination and artistic abilities, you will produce your own contemporary masterpieces. We will use a variety of mediums to inspire your inner artist! With inspiration from Andy Warhol, Picasso and many more we will venture the extravagant avenues of art together. 

Camp 4: Art-extravaganza II


July 29 - August 2

Ages 10-14


The extravaganza of art continues!  Part II of Art-Extravaganza is here!  We will embark on an entirely new adventure of projects. The artistic possibilities are endless.  We will continue to develop our artistic diversity in this camp with new and innovative projects that challenge students to push their artistic boundaries beyond the horizon.  You will experience an artistic journey that is larger than life. Explore the art within you!


*It is not necessary to have attended Art- Extravaganza Part I to participate in Art- Extravaganza Part II*

*No Camp Hours go beyond 4:00pm*

Morning Hours-

8:30am-9:00am (30 minutes) for $35.00 (M-F)


8:30am-9:30am (60 minutes) for $70.00 (M-F)


Afternoon Hours-

3:30pm-4:00pm (30 minutes) for $35.00 (M-F)


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Camp cost is $339.00 for a week of camp.
$25 discount available 

Each day of camp is 6.5 hours. Camp arrival/departure times must be staggered. You have the flexibility to choose from two camp times with the same cost:






Five slots are allotted for each camp time, this is on a first come/first served basis.

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